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Connecting You & Your Patients

CULTIVATING Relationships

Healthcare is a people business. Your patients need to have strong communication and trust with you and your staff. Our communication center representatives are trained to not only get your message out but also to build trust between you, your office, and your patients.

Growing Your Business

Our team collects (and protects) data from every campaign. We’ll tell you who didn't open their email, which phone numbers are no longer correct, etc. We can help you grow your business by connecting you with your patients without you having to do any of the leg work.

Building a Community

We’ve done our research and built our own partnerships so that we can connect you and your clients to insurance agents and other providers in their area. Like you, we value well-rounded care.

staying compliant

All of your data will be 100% protected and will not be used without your explicit permission. Our business is compliant with HIPAA and CMS guidelines. We’ll dot all of our “i’s” and cross all of our “t’s” before we begin working with you.

What Can Do For You


No more scheduling errors due to overwhelmed workers.


No concerns over patient data protection by using a call center unfamiliar with talking to patients.


Use our calls, emails, and mailers to learn about your patients' wants and needs.

What Can Do For You

Network Changes

Sometimes you have to drop or add an insurance carrier. How do you tell your patients? We can send out alerts on your behalf and then help your patients connect with a licensed insurance agent to make sure they can keep seeing you.

Change of Location or Office Hours

Did you move or change your office hours? Let your patients know when & where to find you with an email or phone call. Keep your office staff available to take care of more important matters, and let take this on.

Introduce Your Staff

Adding a new doctor, nurse, or receptionist to your practice? Or is one of your staff members leaving for any reason? Make sure your patients are aware of this change for full transparency. can help with that.

Annual Wellness Visits

You know better than anyone that annual wellness visits are crucial both for your patients' health and for the growth of your business, but you don't have time to call everyone. We'll help you bring in as many patients as possible for their AWVs.

Confirm Old Contact Information

People don't always think to call their doctor after moving or changing their insurance. Instead of wasting time asking for this information in person, start a yearly call campaign to confirm your patients' information.

Policy Changes or Legal Concerns

As you grow, you may realize that you need to form new policies for appointment cancelations or payments, for example. It's one thing to post a flyer in your office, but it's another to inform your patients ahead of time with a phone call from