Who We Are

Who is HealthMatch.com?

HealthMatch.com is a third-party communication center for doctors. We take some of the administrative work off of your plate so you can focus on what matters most: serving your patients.

We can provide phone calls, emails, and more between you and your patients to make sure they have answers, and you and your staff have time. 

Getting Started with HealthMatch.com

Introduction & Strategy

Discuss the opportunity and timeline. Enter into contract and define the scope of work.

Data Collection

Send us your client list using FTP or secure email. We will ensure your data is formatted correctly without errors.

Messaging & Approval

We will create customized messaging tailored to your needs and proceed upon your approval.

Campaign Begins

Our communication center will contact your list using approved messaging.

Reporting Demonstration

We will demonstrate what outcomes you can expect and how to interpret the reporting.

Reporting Delivered

We will follow up with daily reporting and work with you to improve the process.

HealthMatch.com Frequently Asked Questions

HealthMatch.com is a 3rd party communication center that specializes in creating customizable solutions to execute health related messaging.
HealthMatch.com works with Providers, Carriers, and Agents to create the connections that are fundamental to building a health based community. Healthmatch.com can help strengthen the provider and patient relationship by ensuring patients receive the right message at the right time.