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7 Apps for Doctors & Medical Professionals

Anastasia IliouPhysician Tools

Published 11/1/19 by Anastasia Iliou

When you’re at work, you should be able to place 100% of your focus on your patients. These seven apps can help you do that by making your medical research process faster, allowing you to easily reach out to other doctors, and keeping your clinical team on track with their tasks. 

Have you tried any of these great apps for physicians?

1. Medscape

Medscape provides news and educational support for physicians. It includes a visual pill identifier, a drug interaction tool, a dosage calculator, a physician and pharmacy directory, and a huge database of medical conditions with related information. Medscape is free to download.

2. Epocrates

This app has a lot of the same features as MedScape, but uniquely offers a text service called athenaText. Through athenaText, you can quickly get in touch with other doctors who use the app for referrals and consults. Epocrates is free to download and has a free version. You can upgrade to Epocrates Plus for $174.99.

3. Visual DX

With a library of over 32,000 disease variation images, Visual DX can be helpful when diagnosing a rare condition. You can view images of patients from all different age groups, skin types, etc. This app is a bit pricey at $400 per year for a single subscription, but you can contract with your medical group for a better rate.

4. Doximity

Doximity is a popular multi-purpose app. It includes a social networking feature that allows you to network with other physicians, send faxes, exchange HIPAA-compliant information, compare salaries, and participate in continuing education. 

Additionally, the Doximity mobile app allows you to compliantly call patients from your cell phone without letting them see your cell phone number. Calls will appear as though they are coming from your office number, but you can call from your cell phone. 

Doximity is free to download.

5. Complete Anatomy

Used in over 300 institutions around the world, Complete Anatomy provides highly advanced 3D anatomic images of each part of the human body. This is a tool that you can not only use for your own studying, but also to show patients what you’re talking about. 

This technology is not free. A professional subscription costs $99.99/year.

6. MDCalc

MDCalc is a free-to-use medical calculator. It was designed to help doctors spend less time on calculations and more time on patient-centric care. The app is used in almost 200 countries by over one million users. 

7. Dock Health

There are tons of project and team management apps out there, but they are not focused on healthcare. Dock Health is a task management app for clinical teams. Assign tasks, leave notes, and don’t forget a thing. Dock Health is available for desktops and for iPhones with a free trial. You’ll have to call or email the Dock Health team when you’re ready to upgrade to a paid, HIPAA-compliant account. 

Dock Health App Screenshot